The sturdy little Nutball. Want to build one? Click on the attachments below. I fly a small and light version in the gym which is 14" diameter, with a 1811 2000KV motor, 6x5" prop, 3g servos and 360mAh battery. The motor setup can easily take a 16" diameter version.
Cllick here for forum on building it. .

Download this file (NutBall_full.pdf)NutBall_full.pdf[ ]13 Kb

Trimming Guide

The consummate guide to trimming your aircraft by Peter Goldsmith. If you want your plane to fly correctly, use this guide. Additionally, the chart is a summary which is great to take to the field.


Download this file (PGoldsmithTrimming-1.pdf)PGoldsmithTrimming-1.pdf[ ]56 Kb
Download this file (Trim Chart.pdf)Trim Chart.pdf[ ]343 Kb

Float Design

Thinking about making floats? Have a park flyer you would like to jump from a puddle? Want to have some great fun at Dr. Ed's Float fly? Here are some construction articles for making floats.

Download this file ([ ]870 Kb
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